WhiteSpace®, also provides advanced scheduling features such as the Scheduling Advisor which searches for employees by skill, location or other attributes as well as advanced conflict avoidance, management and resolution.

  • Advanced Scheduling tools
    provides additional scheduling tools to assist in more complex scheduling scenarios
  • Semi Automated
    helps schedulers find the best resource for a job - searches skills, availability and suitability to suggest the most appropriate resource, but allows the recommended choice to be overridden
  • Availability analysis
    to counteract the common issues of over and under scheduling of highly skilled resources, WhiteSpace®'s scheduling advisor pre-selects resources based on a mixture of availability and suitability which helps ensure a more balanced use of resources
  • Manage Conflicts
    Often a major source of issues, embarassment and loss of revenue, WhiteSpace® allows you to block conflicts, allow them where appropriate (eg. provisional bookings) and then control their resolution
  • Optional Proximity search
    analyzes resource proximity based on their home location or previous booking helps optimize resource usage as well as billability1
1 Requires optional proximity database. Currently only available for USA, Canada and Mexico.

WhiteSpace® - Advanced Options

Although the standard WhiteSpace® views provide schedulers with the ability to analyze resource availability at a glance and make informed scheduling decisions rapidly, when the number of resources or the complexity of their skills and attributes increases, many schedulers seek advanced tools to assist them in choosing the right resource for the job as well as managing bookings and utilization.

Advanced Scheduling Module
The Advanced Scheduling Module includes our unique Scheduling Advisor, an interactive scheduling tool which saves schedulers considerable time when trying to match the "best" resource to a job.

The scheduling advisor analyzes each resource for suitability based on their skill level, but then includes additional information to help the scheduler such as availability, conflict status and optional proximity analysis1.

Based on these parameters, WhiteSpace® recommends a resource, but allows the scheduler to override this and select a different resource where appropriate.

The Advisor shows who is available, their status and optional proximity analysis

Advanced Scheduling also includes extended conflict management and resolution tools

which further ensure more accurate scheduling as well as streamlining the process of resolution permissible conflicts.

Whereas you would not want conflicts for certain booking types such as customer meetings, training and vacations, you may for bookings such as internal meetings, optional planning sessions and perhaps provisional meetings.

WhiteSpace® not only allows you to define which booking types may be in conflict, it can advise users when scheduling a resource which resources can be booked, which cannot, which are available but should be avoided.

For example, if a booking exists for a user in the same timespace which does not allow conflicts, the no entry sign advises the scheduler that the resource cannot be used.

An allowable conflict results in a warning symbol whereas a green tick indicates that

no conflict exists and the resource can be safely booked.


Although not essential to schedule resources and manage conflicts, the Advanced Scheduling module is the perfect tool for the more complex scheduling environment.

1 Requires optional proximity database. Currently only available for USA, Canada and Mexico.
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