If you have specific needs, it is possible to safely customize your Time® solution. Customization allows core items like terminology, reports, menus and other specifics to be modified by you, but Customization also allows for the internal business logic and data tables to be safely and securely tailored to your specific needs.

  • Flexible
    allows you to customize key areas of the system in a safe, secure way
  • Future Proof
    allows you to adapt your Time® system to meet your needs both now and in the years to come
  • Core Packaged Application
    The core of Time® is standard for everyone, so you benefit from ongoing updates to the core application
  • Customize
    Fields, labels, reports, charts, dashboards, menus, create new screens, attach them to menus and even change business logic
  • Custom Reporting
    Not only can you customize reports with our report writers, you can attach them to menus, specify which users can access them, even limit the data they can access within the report
  • Auto Alerts
    Personalization options also allow you to create custom queries - look for telltale signs of future issues or key performance indicators and even email or text users to alert them to the situation - allows you to take action before they become big issues

Time® - Personalization options

Historically, customizing applications is a double edged sword: although the benefit is being able to adapt a product to better match your functional requirements, it generally comes at the cost of not being able to upgrade to future releases - but not with Time®.

We've specifically designed a customization methodology that allows the system to be adapted to match requirements, but also allows you to upgrade to new versions as they become available. We call this "Personalization", our customers call it utopia.

Creating custom fields within Time®

Whereas optional Time® modules allow you to add more "out of the box" features, our Personalization tools allow you to "redraw the box" and make the system do whatever you want.

  • Customize fields
  • Customize business logic
  • Customize reports
  • Create new forms, data capture, approval processes and who can access them
  • Create interfaces and control when to run them
  • Create new business logic and control when it is used
  • Add new forms and control who can access them
  • Create custom interfaces
  • Attach new forms and reports menus
  • Create custom alerts, emails and notifications

Personalization is not for everyone, it requires an investment of time and money both now and in the future. Although there is a cost to personalizing your system, for those that want it or need it, the benefits outweigh the cost.

The most important thing to know at this stage is that it is possible to personalize your Time® system, it doesn't stop you from upgrading to new releases in the future and it does allow you to match your organizations needs 100% - and who knows, you may wish to use our personalization tools on some of your other internal applications as well.

If you would like to learn more about the personalization options available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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