Resource availability is instantly visible within Time&Space as white space in the resource's schedule. Time&Space also calculates and displays availability and utilization statistics for each resource within the resource view and also when making bookings.

  • See availability at a glance
    see resource for each resource instantly
  • Rapidly book resources
    double click in a blank space, make a booking there and then
  • Availability summary
    is displayed for each resource and takes into account background project tasks
  • Scheduling Advisor
    powerful optional tool searches for resources by skill and availability
  • Friendly, easy to use
    little or no end user training required
  • MS Office look and feel
    familiar user interface, facilitates rapid user acceptance and low levels of training

Time&Space® - Viewing Resource Availability

To assist schedulers in making the best possible scheduling choice in the quickest way possible, Time&Space® provides real-time visibility of resource utilization & availability data to insure they have all of the information they need to make an informed decision.


Interactive scheduling via availability
Time&Space® views take into account each resource's available hours and their

commitments to calculate the available hours within the chosen date range in view.

Availability can take into account bookings from other systems such as Outlook appointments1, and can even take into account ongoing commitment or

Views dynamically display resource availability

background task that are not normally published in a calendar.

With availability data visible for all resources at all times, users can immediately see whether a resource can or cannot be used.

Automated scheduling
Although schedulers can search views for resources with available time, Time&Space® can do the hard work for them.

Simply specify the type or resource required and Time&Space® will locate matching resources, analyze their availability, suggest a resource and present a list of resources and their availability for them to choose - all subject to the user's security rights and the booking rules such as conflicts and availability.

Scheduling Advisor - choose resources by availability

Time&Space® can also be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.

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