Most scheduling systems, including Microsoft Outlook do not manage time zones fully. When making a booking for yourself - you know your own time zone, but what if you want to make a booking for a different time zone, what if you are making a booking with a customer? do you set the time in your time zone or theirs? Most scheduling systems only cater for your time zone, so whenever you schedule a booking you translate at least one time zone, you are open to errors - especially if that booking needs to be moved. Time&Space® caters for multiple time zones simultaneously - your time zone, the customer's and UTC.

  • Schedule across time zones
    when making bookings for resources, Time&Space® automatically manages the time zones
  • Schedule multiple resources
    across time zones always causes issues - whose time zone is the booking quoted in, what if there is a Summer time change before then? again Time&Space® automatically manages the whole process for you
  • Total time zone management
    most systems cater for just 1 time zone - yours, with Time&Space® a booking has a time zone - so there is no chance you'll miss a meeting or get confused about when a booking takes place
  • Worldwide time zone database
    hundreds of countries, 2 changes every year and around 70 rule changes per year worldwide - don't worry, Time&Space® maintains the complicated worldwide time zone rule database so that you don't have to
  • View time zone data
    you provides a familiar user interface, facilitates rapid end user acceptance and low levels of training

Time&Space® - Scheduling across Time Zones

It can be embarrassing, even costly when scheduling errors are made, and when making bookings across time zones the chances of errors increase as most systems do not fully manage time zones.

Everyone wants bookings made in their time zone, especially customers, yet most scheduling systems only cater for your time zone, so whenever you schedule a booking that you translate to your time zone, you are open to errors - especially if that booking needs to be moved or the time zone rules change.

Lets take a common example: someone in New York books a sales presentation with a prospect in London for 1:00pm London time. They book the meeting in Outlook in local

time but later postpone the meeting for a week later.

However, New York and England change daylight savings time at different times and England has moved into summer time. As a result, the sales person was an hour late and the prospect not impressed.

Okay, you are probably thinking that this doesn't happen that often, but for any two given locations, these changes occur up to 4 times a year (as each location changes twice a

 Views show each Resource's time zone, mouseover shows local & booking time

year), but daylight savings time changes occur at different times for different countries all over the world and this is further complicated as governments of countries and states around the world declare time zone changes literally at the drop of a hat - in 2009 alone there were 68 time zone changes made, and 71 changes in 2010, around 6 changes every month.

Most systems, including MS Outlook, are only aware of the user's time zone and only hold time zone rule data for the next daylight time change, which although perfectly acceptable for personal bookings, will cause issues where you are scheduling bookings with people in other time zones and especially when scheduling more than 3 months in the future.

Total time zone management
For complete and correct time zone management, a system must cater not only for user's time zone, but the resource's time zone, the time zone of the booking itself and it must maintain

a database of each countries time zone rules as well as keep these up to date throughout the year.

Time&Space® was designed specifically to provide total time zone management. It caters for your time zone, your resources' time zones, your customer's time zone and the time zones in which bookings are made, it also maintains a complete database of past and future time zone and daylight savings rules to

Views dynamically display resource availability

ensure every booking is made and managed at the correct time.

In addition, your Time&Space® service includes free updates to the time zone database which is automatically updated as countries around the world publish time zone rule changes.


Time&Space® can also be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook

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