Request a test drive of Time&Space® and evaluate professionals services automation solution, trial our market leading psa solution with fast, simple and easy timesheet entry, powerful resource scheduling, project costing, billing and powerful business intelligence reporting and dashboards. Or evaluate your own system with a pilot database.

  • Professional Services System
     - Time recording
     - Outlook timesheet
     - Expenses entry
     - Resource scheduling
     - Costing & charging
     - Billing
     - Reporting
     - Dashboards
    All in a single browser based solution
  • Powerful, flexible, scalable
    supports an incredibly wide range of industry types with three editions for small start-ups to large international enterprises
  • Friendly timesheet & expenses
    users are entering timesheets & expenses in minutes
  • Powerful costing
    allows you to set cost and charge rates the way you work
  • Resource wcheduling
    schedule & plan resources, view future bookings and billing as well as staff usage
  • Flexible billing
    allows you to invoice customers quickly, easily and accurately
  • Powerful reporting
    simply unbeatable reporting power with active drill downs, configurable reports and customizable dashboard

Time&Space® - Pricing your system

Time&Space® is available from as little asper month per person depending upon size, configuration and term.

For accurate pricing for your organization, either complete the request below or call us to discuss your requirements.

Timesheet entry requirements
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Are you looking for a Cloud or On-premises solution?
Number of Employees / Resources?
Which edition are you interested in?
All systems include Scheduling, timesheets, expenses and reporting, but are there any specific Apps you interested in?
  - Outlook Timesheet?
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  - iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Timesheet?
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  - Automated Alerts
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  - Advanced Employee Skills Matrix
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  - Dashboards?
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  - Outlook / Outlook 365 Integration
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  - Integration with Financial Accounting?
If you have any questions, objectives, special or specific requirements, please detail them: